My work explores the metaphysical or emotional realm through a painting and drawing process that employs physical forces. I depict emotional energies such as grief, despair, isolation, and anxiety by utilizing physical energies such as gravity, water erosion, and sedimentation. By working on a vertical, horizontal, or slightly inclined surface, I use gravity itself as a medium to develop imagery that is dictated by natural law. Water erosion and sedimentation also determine parts of the visual outcome, as pigments are swept away from certain areas, and deposited in others where water accumulates and evaporates. I use the visual forms that develop to depict emotional forces and energies that are unseen but very real powers in the world. I see it as my duty as an artist to render visible these invisible sensations, and my creative process acts as a metaphor for the themes of powerlessness that inspire my work. Moreover, by incorporating natural forces into my drawing and painting process, I am simultaneously exalting natural order while decrying the iniquities created by human order. I sometime combine this process with selected geometric shapes to create a spatial frame of reference as well as tension in the juxtaposition of the natural with the artificial.

Both the emotions I depict and the process I use are rooted in natural energies; therefore I refer to my work as a New Naturalism. Rather than using 'naturalism' in the traditional aesthetic sense, in reference to a precise duplication of nature's outward appearance, I explore a concept of naturalism that involves obedience to natural forces. In this way I explore the concept of Determinism (the observation of cause/effect or action/reaction, the opposite of free will) in process as well as thematically. This parallels the often harsh themes that 'literary naturalist' authors have explored in their books and plays in which the environment, social circumstances, and heredity are inescapable forces that determine the human condition. In the words of Robert Motherwell, “one might say that the true way to 'imitate' nature is to employ its own processes.”

Phantoms (sold) - India Ink on paper 30 x 55 inches 2013